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Brightpath Writing

Brightpath Writing is an evidence-based formative assessment tool that visibly improves student writing skills in years K–9.

Based on 20 years of research and proven success, Brightpath calibrates students’ writing against a common evidence-based scale that can be used across the whole school to drive growth over time.

Brightpath Teacher’s Ruler provides clear next-step teaching points that are meaningful and targeted so teachers can determine the best ways to help students enhance their writing skills.

The clear progression of knowledge and skills makes progress and learning more visible and distinct – allowing teachers to make a measurable impact on students’ writing ability, in class and across the whole school.

Detailed progress reports showcase students’ writing improvement over time, providing school leaders with immediate validation of their strategies.

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Brightpath Maths

Our  Brightpath online mathematics assessment tool for students in years 2–9 is engineered to drive school-wide improvement in student maths skills.

Focusing on individual and combined strands in mathematics, it provides immediate and intuitive feedback about each student’s readiness to learn key mathematical skills and concepts.

Calibrated and validated scales equip teachers with a clear, evidence-based understanding of students’ maths performance.

Powerful reports help teachers quickly identify opportunities for growth or focus their efforts where needed and make timely adjustments.

Dependable student data allows for effortless differentiation through customised lessons to support the specific needs of each student.

With Brightpath Maths, you can focus your teaching for maximum impact.

See how much maths progress your students are making throughout the year, and across school years, with Brightpath Maths.

Why do thousands of teachers choose Brightpath Progress?

  • Graphic of three exemplars, each increasing in score

    Makes learning visible

    Shows you where your students are and how they’ve improved with clear learning points that can be shared with students and parents.

    Next-step teaching points

    See what students can do now and what they need to learn next with detailed teaching points.

  • Simplified graphic of the teachers ruler

    Provides a common evidence-based scale

    Calibrate your student writing samples against a common scale that can be used across the whole school to show growth over time.

    Celebrates progress

    Students feel confident seeing the visible progress they make – Brightpath Progress highlights each of their achievements and lets you celebrate along with them!

  • Simple graphic of a bubble report

    Student agency and goal setting

    Students know what they have mastered, with their glowing: ‘I can’ list. They take ownership of their grow goals: ‘I am learning’, by choosing the next skills they will work on.

    Read more about the Brightpath difference

    Saves time

    Teachers save time as our assisted marker predicts the score zone in which students sit, making the process of assessing fast.

Brightpath has provided us great focus. It is a good way of assessing learning, helping to inform the teacher planning by showing them what to do next through the teaching points.

Lance Holt School

Using Brightpath makes us more aware of what a good piece of writing contains, what is missing in it and areas of improvement.

Bramfield Park Primary School

We now have a tool to continuously monitor our students’ writing and we know what to do immediately after we have results.

Riverton Primary School

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