The Brightpath Mathematics online assessments provide immediate feedback to help you focus your teaching for impact. Our mathematics assessments tasks are designed to be objective and consistent across different classrooms.

We offer assessments for students in Years 2-9 focusing on individual strands and combined strands.

Preview of Figure 1: Brightpath Formative Mathematics Assessments at Trinity College WA

How our mathematics assessments work

1. Students complete the Brightpath mathematics assessments online within the program

2. Feedback to students and teachers is immediate

Students can log back in and see the questions they answered correctly (green), incorrectly (red), and questions for which students are within their zone of proximal development (orange).

Teachers can immediately use this information to differentiate their teaching and inform their lesson plans. They can view where their students are in their learning and what they need to learn next.

3. Track student growth over time

Teachers can measure and evaluate students’ growth and learning, to track their growth over time.

Available assessments

  • Number and Algebra (Year 2-9)

  • Measurement and Geometry (Year 2-9)

  • Statistics and Probability (Year 4-9)

  • Combined Strand General Test (Year 2-9)

Why choose our mathematics assessments?

We provide intuitive feedback about each student’s readiness to learn the mathematical skills and knowledge tested by each question. Our feedback and reporting enable you to:

  • Focus on next steps—target your teaching to students’ zones of proximal development

  • Differentiate your teaching for individuals and small groups.

  • Plan your teaching around the feedback at a class-level.

  • Track student growth in terms of learning progressions

  • Report to parents.

  • Compare your class and school results with results for a broader population of students.

No confusing displays and graphs, just easy-to-interpret feedback next to questions to help you focus teaching for impact.

Watch this short video to see what sets our formative Mathematics Assessment apart.

Sample questions in Brightpath mathematics assessments

Our questions are clear and easy to read and the contexts are realistic and engaging.

Preview of Figure 2: Brightpath Formative Mathematics Assessments Example Questions


Our Mathematics Assessments provide total scores for students and average scores for classes/groups.

We also produce scaled scores that allow use of our broader suite of reports for summative and evaluative purposes. The reporting suite enables teachers to evaluate their students’ growth in terms of learning progressions.

Preview of Figure 4: Brightpath Mathematics Assessment Reports

Teachers can see how much progress students are making within a year and throughout the years, relative to other students and in terms of the progressions.

Teachers testimonials

“We now have a tool to continuously monitor our students. We know what to do immediately after we have the results.”

“Brightpath Maths Assessments is the gift that keeps giving. I am grateful for the clarity that the program offers. The Brightpath teacher resources are excellent and really helpful in guiding teachers to use the program.”