The Brightpath assessments have been designed to provide teachers with detailed information about their students’ progression in learning and what their students need to learn next.

How it works

1. Students conduct Brightpath writing assessments on paper or online within the Brightpath software.

2. Teachers assess their students’ work against calibrated exemplars.

Preview of Figure 1: Calibrated Exemplars

3. Feedback about students’ strength and weaknesses is immediate.

Teachers can view where their students are in their learning and what they need to learn next. Teachers can immediately use this information to differentiate their teaching and inform their lesson plans

Preview of Figure 2: Extract of Teaching Points Narrative Teacher's Ruler

Available assessments

  • Narrative writing (Pre-primary/Reception to Year 9)

  • Persuasive writing (Pre-primary/Reception to Year 9)

  • Information Report Writing (Pre-primary/Reception to Year 9)

  • Recount Writing (Pre-primary/Reception to Year 1 or 2)

  • Book Review (Year 3 to Year 8)

  • Oral Narrative (Pre-primary/Reception to Year 1 or 2)

  • Science Investigation (Year 3 to Year 6)

Assisted marking

Assisted marking is available for narrative, persuasive and information report writing.

The Brightpath marking assistant supports upper primary and lower secondary teachers in their marking saving teachers precious time.Students can complete their writing online, and when they do, the program analyses their writing and provides predicted scores.

Teachers are left to focus their attention on assessing those aspects of writing that humans need to judge, the authorial aspects of writing, and they can draw on their professional judgement to refine their students’ scores.


The Brightpath suite of reports contains reports for formative and summative purposes.

The reports also enable teachers to view their students growth within a year and across year levels and thus evaluates the success of their teaching strategies.

Preview of Figure 3: Suite of evaluative Reports for extended performances

The summative reports support school leaders in using their teachers’ assessments to rigorously evaluate their school performance.

Preview of Figure 4: Summative for extended performances

Why choose Brightpath

  1. Backed by Research

    Brightpath is the result of 20 years R&D, much of which was conducted through the University of Western Australia. Learn more about our research.

  2. Proven Success

    A study found that students in high-usage Brightpath schools progressed substantially more on NAPLAN than students in schools not using Brightpath.

  3. Reputation

    The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) used Brightpath data to inform the drafting of the Australian learning progressions.

    An Australian government report identified Brightpath as one of the few tools capable of providing information about the points students have reached in their learning and the growth they have made.