When it comes to improving your students’ writing performance, nothing can replace the value of your teacher judgements. Brightpath Progress gives you powerful online assessment tools that support and complement what you already do in the classroom.

We firmly believe that teachers’ professional judgements are the best source of information for evaluating and improving students’ writing ability. That’s why Brightpath integrates your teacher judgement with our assisted marking and evidence-based scoring system, so you end up with the highest quality formative writing assessments available.

An overview of Brightpath writing assessment tools

  • Student exemplars: Compare your students against the calibrated exemplars to score them on the Teacher’s Ruler

  • Assisted Marking: Save time as the assisted marker predicts the score zone in which students sit, making the process of assessing fast!

  • Learning progressions: View detailed and targeted feedback on each student and find out exactly what they already know

  • Teaching points: View specific teaching points that clearly show what each student needs to focus on next

  • Reporting: View student progress over time and generate a report for parents. You can also view whole school data and clearly see overall growth in learning

  • Glow and Grow areas: Increase student agency by celebrating your students’ progress and showing them what they achieve (Glow areas) and how they can improve (Grow areas).

We now have a tool to continuously monitor our students’ writing and we know what to do immediately after we have results.” – Riverton Primary School

Brightpath has provided us great focus. It is a good way of assessing learning, helping to inform the teacher planning by showing them what to do next through the teaching points.” – Lance Holt School

An overview of Brightpath maths assessment tools

Brightpath also provides a sophisticated suite of online mathematics assessment tools, empowering maths teachers to focus their teaching for maximum impact.

  • Focus questions: Enable differentiated teaching for individuals and small groups and target your teaching to students’ zones of proximal development

  • Assisted marking: Save time as the assisted marker predicts the score zone in which students sit, making the process of assessing fast!

  • Smart feedback: Identify mathematics questions that students are most commonly ready to achieve next and a student’s readiness for a question

  • Reporting: Teachers can see how much progress students are making within a year and throughout the years, relative to other students and in terms of the progressions.

Who created Brightpath?

A/Prof Stephen Humphry

Dr Steve Humphry was an Associate Professor in Educational Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation at The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Co-Founder of Brightpath. He is an Australian leader in Educational Assessment and Measurement. With UWA, he led a psychometric team on Australia’s National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Central Analysis of Data project from 2011 to 2016. This project was conducted at UWA in conjunction with Pearson Assessment, having previously been conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). He was a Chief Investigator on four multi-year Australian Research Linkage Grants focusing on Educational Assessment and Measurement and Physics Education. Dr Humphry has published widely in Educational Assessment and Measurement with a focus on both technical innovations and practical applications.

Dr Sandy Heldsinger

Dr Sandy Heldsinger co-ordinated the WA system-level assessments, has taught masters level course in educational assessment for a number of years and has led the development of a wide range of resources, including reporting software, to support schools in using assessment to improve student performance.

Sandy recently developed the central components of the Western Australian Curriculum Outline for WA’s School Curriculum and Standards Authority and she co-authored What teachers need to know about assessment and reporting which was published by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

In 2016, Sandy was awarded the WAPPA Service Award for her valued contribution to education and the Western Australia Primary Principal Association.