The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a crucial benchmark for evaluating student progress and school performance.

However, the pressure to perform well can have unintended consequences for schools, with a recent study revealing NAPLAN can skew staffing decisions and narrow teachers’ focus.

This research underscores the need for striking a balance between test preparation and a well-rounded curriculum.

Here, we explore five key strategies that leverage assessment data to improve NAPLAN results, while fostering a holistic learning experience for all students.

Embrace whole-school growth with formative assessments

NAPLAN testing provides a snapshot of student performance at specific points, but a comprehensive education thrives on continuous assessment throughout all grades.

This allows teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses early, personalise instruction and ensure all students are on track for success.

Bridging this gap, Brightpath Progress equips schools with evidence-based formative assessments for writing and maths.

This powerful tool streamlines school-wide data collection, allowing you to track student progress throughout the year, identify areas for improvement and ensure all students receive the support they need to thrive.

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Assess beyond NAPLAN with innovative tasks

While NAPLAN provides valuable data, it doesn’t assess the full range of skills students need to succeed.

Critical thinking, creative expression and problem-solving are equally important but often overlooked in standardised tests.

Brightpath’s Response to Literature assessment, evaluates students’ ability to analyse and respond to texts and complements NAPLAN data, for a richer picture of student literacy and their ability to engage with complex texts.

Brightpath assessments also cover Information Report Writing, Recount Writing and Oral Narrative, providing a broader base for understanding student strengths and weaknesses across different literacy skills.

See how schools are using Brightpath to improve NAPLAN results and how your school can too!

Empower teachers with flexible assessments

A narrow focus on NAPLAN scores can lead to prescriptive assessments that dictate teaching styles.

Brightpath is designed to integrate seamlessly with various teaching philosophies, allowing you to tailor assessments to your specific approach.

Whether you’re a Visible Learning school, a Talk 4 Writing school, or one that uses learning sprints, Brightpath can be customised to your unique needs.

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Leverage data for targeted instruction

NAPLAN data primarily offers summative assessment with limited feedback for immediate adjustments.

This can leave teachers feeling overwhelmed by pressure to improve scores without the tools to address student needs effectively.

Brightpath’s formative assessments provide ongoing, actionable data that teachers can use to identify areas of strength and weakness and adapt their instruction accordingly.

For example, if Brightpath reveals a class struggling with persuasive writing, the teacher can adjust lesson plans to provide immediate support, not wait until after NAPLAN.

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Intrinsic motivation and growth beyond NAPLAN

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Brightpath’s formative data is celebrating student growth throughout the year.

With ongoing feedback and opportunities for improvement, Brightpath helps students develop a growth mindset, viewing assessments as learning opportunities rather than high-pressure events.

Plus, Brightpath’s clear, user-friendly reports make it easy for teachers to track progress and acknowledge even small improvements and milestones with their students!

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Building on NAPLAN: Strategies for sustainable success with Brightpath

NAPLAN doesn’t have to be a learning killer.

By using Brightpath’s formative assessments alongside NAPLAN data, schools can empower their teachers, improve outcomes for all students and keep the joy of learning alive!

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